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Patient Support Group

The Patient Group from Mike Wilcox, Chairman

The Patient Group was started in December, 2004 to improve two-way communication between the Practice and the Patients. The Group currently comprises of 7 Patient Representatives, with myself as Chairman, Tony Ruffin Treasurer, Joan Moreton Secretary, Christine Gleave Minutes Secretary, Gillian Rose Fundraiser, Patricia Willmott and Pauline Webb.

Representing the Surgery:
Dr. Richard Norris the Senior Partner, Richard White the Practice Manager and Nicola Griffiths the Practice Nurse Manager.

We believe that we have an excellent medical team providing high quality care to the patients.  The aim of the group is to promote activities that will encourage improved patient health and well being. 

We publish a quarterly newsletter that  gives details about what’s going on within the surgery and the patient group, it also provides information on general health issues.  Links have been developed  with the Primary Care Trust, the NHS Trust and other organisations, to represent patients views and interests.  We are also members of the National Association for Patient Participation. 

In August, 2005 we started our weekly Health Walks, these take place every Monday morning, excluding bank holidays and are part of a national initiative.  We meet at 11 am at the Embankment end of the Butterfly Bridge and finish at the Embankment Hotel for refreshments. Qualified walk leaders are present to guide and assist patients of mixed abilities and to cater for this we organise a long and a shorter walk.   We also arrange other social activities for the group.

Members of the Patient Group periodically attend the surgery waiting room on a rota basis to listen to patients’ views and to increase awareness of the group’s activities.  We also carry out fund raising to support the group’s work and to purchase items to improve the efficiency of the practice that will ultimately benefit the patients.  The sale of books by way of donations from patients and visitors to the surgery has been very successful.

If you would like to comment on anything with regard to the Surgery or the Patient Group, please feel free to write to me or any other member of the committee, care of the surgery.  Mark the envelope ‘To be opened by addressee only.’  Please note that the Patient Representatives cannot deal with comments about your own specific case as these must be dealt with by the Practice Manager or the Medical Staff.