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Practice Information

Lansdowne Surgery Aims & Objectives

The overall aim of Lansdowne Surgery is to provide all registered patients with care, treatment and support according to recognised best practice.

In support of this overall aim, the following objectives apply:-

1. The premises will be maintained and equipped to ensure that it remains fit for purpose. By the same token, new tasks will be considered carefully in the light of the suitability of the premises before being accepted.
2. The whole team of partners and staff, both clinical and non-clinical, will work together to give patients the best possible service, supported by regular and appropriate training.
3. The Lansdowne Patient Group (LPG) will remain a vital and integral part of the surgery infrastructure, providing an active and responsive means of patient involvement in the development and (as appropriate) decision-making of Lansdowne Surgery. The Lansdowne Patient Reference Group will be invited and involved in this process where and when appropriate. In conjunction with the LPG, regular patient surveys will be employed and the results used to inform change and development in the practice.
4. Appointments will be provided for both forward and emergency booking, with a range of appropriate clinicians, in numbers designed to meet reasonable demands placed upon the surgery.
5. All clinicians will strive to ensure that patients are fully informed about, are involved in the process of appropriately deciding and have opportunity to consent as appropriate to, any care, treatment and support options pertaining to them.
6. All staff and partners will strive to ensure that patients are treated with dignity, courtesy and respect - and that each patient's right to confidentiality is fully maintained.
7. Patients will be kept informed about service provision at Lansdowne Surgery via the practice staff, the practice website, patient leaflets and waiting room displays and material.

Practice Area

Our patient list is now closed, we are therefore not registering new patients at this surgery until November 2015.

Although we have existing patients who come from all areas of the town and surrounding villages, we currently only accept new patients from a practice area which encompasses Bedford town to the north of the river, some areas of Kempston and the villages of Biddenham, Bromham, Clapham, Oakley, Pavenham, Ravensden and Renhold.


Practice Area Map

Disabled Access and Facilities

We have access and full facilities for disabled patients.